Satisfaction question

Ask a satisfaction question to your customer directly on your web page.

Also known as "star button", the satisfaction question give you the ability to request ratings and verbatim on your web site by displaying the survey's first question inside your webpage.

This widget shows the first question in any of your questioning processes for a given point of sale. When customers respond, the feedback submission interface opens in the form of a pop-in.

customers are then invited to answer other questions in the process and then, if they wish, to submit a verbatim to the point of sale.


  1. Install the Goodays Web SDK in your HTML page if you have not already done so.
  2. Add the right HTML code at the location where you wish the button to appear.

The code

               "cta_text":"My button", 
               "cz_user":"<customer information>",
  > Goodays: Send feedback </a>


Customer Name & point of sale ID

Beware variables customer_name & pos_id have to be change by the name of the customer shared by Goodays team and the id of the point of sale you would like the information to be registered on.

The result


data-params Settings

NameTypeBy defaultEffect
Customizes the behavior of the comment submission button: if you attribute a URL to this value, the button will open the URL in a new browser
tagstringnullName of the survey (or slug) that will be used by the interface.
If you leave this field blank, the default process will be used.
cz_useruser_tag separated by | following customer configuration'first_name | last_name | email | phone | crm_id'
(or the same thing encoded in Base64)
Transmits information about the customer to the interface. Uses this information to pre-fill the verbatim's fields, and ease the completion of the survey.
cta_textstringnullButton wording
langcode name : fr, en...Default point of sale language valueLang of the interface
x_*stringnullAdditional information to bring contextual data to participation.
mediumcode of the medium : WEB, MOB, QR, TE...nullIt defines the collection channel where the participation came from : web, mobile, QR Code, Transactional Email...


Additional information

More information on the additional information can be find in the Web SDK part