How to integrate Goodays to a WIFI Hotspot?

You already have Wifi in your point of sale, or you plan to deploy it, and you wonder how to take advantage of it to collect customer reviews? You want to add the collection channel by Wifi?

Here it is !

Exploiting the Wifi hotspot, which is a point of passage for your customers, is a very good idea.


Goodays recommendations

The Wifi connection must not be linked to the completion of the survey.
You must let your customers free to connect to your Wifi without the obligation to answer a survey. Otherwise the risk is high to lower the quality of the answers.

Features to be set up

We recommend one way of adding Goodays to your wifi hotspot:

Landing page

The easiest and most non-intrusive way for your customers is to add the Goodays Web SDK on the Wifi connection validation page.
The customer has the possibility, if he wanted, to click on the button "Send my feedback" and answer the questions.
It is also possible to display the first question of the questionnaire directly on the landing page.

How to implement these features

Add the Web SDK

To be implemented on every page using Goodays.
More information here.

Add the selected widget

To open the survey with the selected method on your landing page:

  • Add a button "Send my feedback" : here
  • Add a satisfaction question (first answer directly on the landing page) : here


Technical Integration Documentation

Once your configuration has been deployed in Goodays, we will provide you a technical integration documentation that will allow you to obtain directly and very easily all the technical information necessary to integrate the Goodays widgets on your perimeter.