Would you like to collect reviews through your mobile application?

At Goodays we don't have a mobile SDK for iOS or Android BUT



No matter the mobile technology of your mobile application the Goodays link opened in a webview is always the right answer!

How to implement the Goodays link in your app

The process is really quite simple:

  • Take the Goodays link provided by your dedicated Goodays contact.
  • Dynamize it with the right parameters as detailed in our documentation.
  • Open it in a webview within your mobile application and that's it.

Listen to widget events

Now that the Goodays survey is open within your mobile application, it's perfect! But how do you know if your end customer has finished it or wants to close it? We've got a method for that!

To improve the integration between your application and the Goodays survey opened in the webview, you can subscribe to the survey closing events and close the webview at that point.