Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business, also known as GMB, is the Google service which lists all places of your business. Each of them are on a page which list multiple information like name, address, phone number, business category and photos.
You can claim or create your own place accounts.
These information are then displayed in Search or Maps and clients can rate and post reviews.

Goodays Connection allows you to retrieve ratings & reviews in real time from these accounts and easily answer to them.


  • Be the owner of all pages in GMB
  • Add unique ID (store code) on each of them
  • Create a group of establishments with all of them

How to integrate with Goodays


Realtime collect

In order to collect the GMB reviews in realtime, Goodays will subscribe to the PubSub system. This system will directly sends a notification to Goodays every time a review is posted.
This system only allows one subscriber per group of establishments. Make sure it is Goodays!